These individually wrapped luxury coffee bags are an absolute must have for new parents, we know all too well there is no time for faffing around with a baby in toe, but there is still a need for a great coffee. So, take our advice, add boiling water to one of these, change a nappy for a few minutes or check yourself for baby sick and then 3 minutes later, enjoy a great coffee. Back in the game!

Add these to your gift box and be a real-life superhero for whoever your buying for!

Blend No2 is a single origin decaffeinated oven roasted coffee from Peru, a rich flavour of walnut and cocoa notes with creamy mouth-feel and soft acidity. Perfect as a bedtime drink or if your avoiding caffeine. 

Each cube contains 10 individually wrapped coffee bags.

Designed to make a cafetière style coffee for one without the need for anything more than boiling water. Each coffee bag contains 10 grams of carefully roasted and ground Arabica coffee from across the equator.