Keep calm and carry on!

Avoiding caffeine overload but in need of a hot drink? We've got it covered! This caffeine free Teapigs blend combines citrus and flowers with powerful valerian  delivering a tasty calming tea. A truly relaxing blend of lemon balm, valerian and chamomile. 

This is a thoughtful and practical gift for any tea lover.

15 tea bag temple pack

No gift box is complete without a selection of tea, after all what do you need more than anything else after becoming a parent… well sleep, but the next best thing is an epic brew and we have picked a selection of amazing teas from a brand we love.

Not only do Teapigs make incredible tea but we love their values and the effort they go too in order to be a sustainable and eco friendly company. With recyclable and plastic free packaging. Also, they are a member of the ethical tea partnership.